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Creative Concept & Art Direction

SNASK + Fabrizio Morra


Production Design: Enrique Puerto, Rasmus Linderos
Production: Isabelle Kågström
Client: Turning Tables Sweden

Made at SNASK

Turning Tables

SNASK decided to help out our friends at the non-profit organization Turning Tables, to realize a dream of having a music studio on wheels to help them reach further and more kids. SNASK decided to help out and bought an old caravan and started to plan a redesign of it in order to turn it into a fully fledged music studio. With the help of Stellan Von Reybekiel they tore out the entire inside of the caravan and renovated it, taking away moldy parts and replacing the wooden structure and installing an entirely new floor. The caravan was then dressed inside with a pink fur to help with the sound bouncing on the walls but also because pink fur is hotter than hot. The outside was painted and the caravan got that bold and eye-catching dress that it deserved with the sole purpose; to turn tables and heads.