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Creative Concept & Art Direction

Fabrizio Morra + Matej Spanik


Agency: SNASK

Made at SNASK

Slanted Magazine

Snask was invited to make a poster for Slanted Magazine’s 34th issue about the crisis in Europe. They decided to go for the right wing blowing their extreme and rotten winds. Snask focused on their biggest enemy, the conservative and old world and especially the extreme right. A group that they see as their diametrical opposite in every question. A group that stands for very little or zero humanity at all. We often end up in discussions protecting the obvious, that we’re all equal and should hold equal rights no matter ethnicity, gender, age, sexuality, religion, disability etc. Something we see as the only true, clear and right way forward. What we often find is an argumentation where the extreme right often believe that they are extremely right. This is SNASK contribution, a poster made by hand that states our standpoint “Just because you’re extremely right, doesn’t mean you’re correct”.