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Creative Concept



Art Direction: Fabrizio Morra
Production: Always Frank
Client: Noosa Yoghurt
Agency: BSSP

Made at SNASK

Noosa Yoghurt – Full on Tasty!

TV ads for the Australian-American Noosa Yoghurt! To capture the “full on” attitude of the Noosa brand SNASK created an art directed heightened reality where Noosa personalities could live and play. The film has a quick pace where we jump between different scenes to tell a fun and eye catching story around the Noosa brand values. Finding the right “full on” characters and moments being key. In between these glimpses of the Noosa universe we show the true thick texture of the yogurt in dazzling food shots. To have a continuity in the art direction throughout the spots we decided to use all the flavours and the crazy range of colors they provide to help decide the color palette. Also every scene/set was created in a way that they could live on their own creating loads of possibilities to get extra content for online usage. All this resulted in a fun fast paced film with playfully art directed sets in a heightened “full on” reality!