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Creative Concept & Art Direction



Direction:Erik Kockum
Art Direction: Fabrizio Morra
Set Design: Sing-Sing
Photography: Sing-Sing
Production: Diktator

Made at SNASK

Klarna Smooth Scenarios

Snask set out to create seven never-seen-before worlds, which would further define Klarna’s recent design leap and speak to the brand’s uniquely “smoooth” transactions. So, under our creative direction, an all-star team was assembled, including the collaborative studio Sing-Sing(our set design soul mates) and Diktator(production heavyweights). They developed scenarios to communicate one overarching message through still photography as well as motion. Plus, they supplied Klarna with a ton of freedom to use the content across platforms (presentations, website, social media, print, video, and ads) all from one asset. Each set was meticulously crafted and custom-built by gifted hands. So, whatever dream you’re marching towards, Klarna is the bank that clears the path for a “smooth journey.” Whether your dream is slow skating on a treadmill or playing a game of 8 Ball on a pink fur-lined pool table, Klarna sets it all in motion. Everyone loves magic, so Snask and Sing-Sing simply brought the Klarna’s virtuosity to life. How? Through good ol’ fashion wizardry and the art of performing supernatural design feats.