Klarna – Smoooth Scenarios  |  FILM + VISUAL CAMPAIGN

Creative direction, original films and photography for the cutting-edge financial giant Klarna

Snask set out to create seven never-seen-before worlds, which would further define Klarna’s recent design leap and the brand’s uniquely “smoooth” transactions. Under our creative direction, an all-star team was assembled, including the collaborative studio Sing-Sing (our set design soul mates) and Diktator (production heavyweights). We developed scenarios to communicate one overarching message through still photography as well as motion. Plus, we supplied Klarna with tons of freedom to use the content across platforms (presentations, website, social media, print, video, and ads) – all from one asset.

CREATIVE CONCEPT & ART DIRECTION: Snask, Fabrizio Morra, Miguel Dias

SET DESIGN: Adi Goodrich

PHOTOGRAPHY: Sean Pecknold


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Fabrizio Morra is a young Italian designer
specialised in art direction, visual design and illustration based in Turin, Barcelona, Stockholm. Currently Designer at Snask.

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He has worked across different disciplines bringing to life design solutions tailored to meet the concerns of small, large, national and international clients. His services include art direction, creative and art direction, creative campaigns, branding, printed matter and digital media.
Former Atelier student. Previously illustrator at Illo & Wonderlust and art director at Brikk.

So, after this classic-half-copied self-celebrative description, the point is that he has enough experience to work for your brand –whatever it is.

He won so many awards that there’s not even time to mention all of them here –but he is mainly considered as an award-winning troublemaker.

Wherever he is, it’s always sunny with a high of 23°C, the grass is green and the girls are pretty.

"Fabrizio is my grand father and he makes great salads."

Fredrik Öst - Snask, 2018

"Now or never, I'm not gonna live forever."

Fab talking to clients, 2018

"He's an artist"

People, 2018


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FID, W/Snask San José, Costa Rica 2017
OFFF, W/Atelier Barcelona, Spain 2016


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