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Creative Concept & Art Direction



Art Direction: Fabrizio Morra
Photography: Bild Gates
Sound Design: Darwood Music
Client: Holvi

Made at SNASK

Holvi – Makers & Doers

Holvi is a financial service that starts with a digital business account that combines everything from banking to paperless bookkeeping and invoicing in one simple service. Their target audience are makers and doers all over the globe that wants to focus on their core competences instead of all the daunting tasks. Holvi contacted SNASK to help them create and produce their campaign concept for online and social media content. They started out with working our heads around makers and doers and very fast realized that we were part of the target group. It wasn’t hard to take the next step and use handicraft to create the visual look and feel. SNASK needed the concept to attract similar minds in the style and at the same time visually show the problem of book keeping, invoicing, receipts etc and the Holvi digital paperless solution.